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Languages – English/Hebrew- bilingual

Hard copy – 176 pages

Size – 24*33 cm

Skyline - Jerusalem

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  • JERUSALEM / SKYLINE is a book of aerial photographs of Jerusalem, which casts a different and unique perspective on the city and its surroundings. Here is a view from a different angle of the old and the new, of ancient and old Jerusalem alongside the new Jerusalem which is being constructed right now. Encounters of different panoramas, architectural styles and historical periods, in the various seasons of the year.

    We peek into the different neighborhoods and observe the roofs, squares, streets and gardens, along with the numerous historical buildings which beautify the city. We have the opportunity to search for new ways of categorizing the city, a city which, one might have thought, has been categorized in every possible way - but yet, as is always the case with Jerusalem, we are always surprised to find a new, unique and breathtaking way of seeing it. The sections of the book are named after the gates to the Old City, as well as Sha'ar Ha-Gai (literally "The Gate - or Way - of the Valley" - the pass which leads from the coastal plain to Jerusalem), and the Closing Gate. In each chapter, the gate itself serves as the starting - and end point of a particular excursion, geographically as well as associative.

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