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Duby Tal served as a helicopter pilot in the Israel Air Force, after which he studied geology and photography and graduated his B.Sc. Cum Laude in Geology in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his photography studies in Camera Obscura. After being accepted for PhD studies in geophysics at Stanford University, California, he decided to change professions and turned to aerial photography, which combined his two passions - photography and flying.

In 1990, together with Moni Haramati, he founded Albatross, and since then his work has appeared in books, exhibitions and magazines in Israel and worldwide, and gained him an international award winning reputation. 

Today Duby Tal is a world known aerial and landscape photography artist, owner and managing director of Albatross, Publisher and film producer. 

"…Duby Tal’s images blur the boundaries between photography and interpretation, stretching the eye and freeing the mind. The elemental forces of nature and the will of humankind combine to shape the landscapes of Israel – and as they do, they evoke a sense of wonder that makes all land holy again…"

 (S. Dagan, Exhibition curator)

A sample of photos presented at the exhibitions

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